Beat Rockers Professors: Taylor McFerrin and Adam Matta

Check out these amazing beatboxing demonstrations by Beat Rockers professors Taylor McFerrin and Adam Matta during the first week of class.


Beat Rockers kicks off at the Lavelle School for the Blind!

Monday marked the official kickoff of the Beat Rockers program at the Lavelle School for the Blind in the Bronx!

Beat Rockers Professors Taylor McFerrin and Adam Matta gave a superb performance in front of the entire school to introduce the kids to the program and to field any questions about beatboxing, which was tremendously well received by the students, faculty, and staff.  Over 30 eager kids signed up afterwards to learn beatboxing, who will begin their first classes the following day!


Final Performance! (Pics by Joe Conzo)

The Beat Breakers gave their debut performance in front of the entire school last Tuesday, and they brought down the house! Check out these great pics taken by renowned hiphop photographer and historian hailing from the Bronx himself, Joe Conzo. Stay tuned for video footage of the show!

Getting ready for the big show.

Strutting their stuff…

The guys doing some high-flying tricks.

Twirling each other around isn’t as easy as it looks.

… and they all fall down! The grand finale.

Right after giving the performance of their lives!

Professors Ken Swift and Wak, proud of their kids.

Some of the ladies pose for a photo shoot with Joe Conzo. This shot will go down in history!

Puma Sneakers Arrive! (VIDEO)

Puma dropped off a shipment of brand new kicks for all the Beat Breakers to rock! Their moves are already crispier.

Good looks. Thanks Puma!

VIDEO of the first class!

Talk about natural talent. This is the first time these guys are doing these moves and they already look like breakers. We can’t wait until the end of the program when we see how far these guys come along…!

First Beat Breakers Session

Check out the pics from the first class held on Tuesday April 20th, led by Professor Ken Swift!

Introducing… the first ever Beat Breakers!