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Beat Rockers featured on Huffington Post!

The Huffington Post did a fantastic video piece on Beat Rockers! Big day at the Lavelle School last Friday…

“A Beat Boxing Class for the Blind”, produced by Damiano Beltrami.


NY Daily News Article and Video on Beat Rockers

Great article and video about the kids covered by NY Daily News. Sounds like Scott, the school’s music teacher, has been practicing his kick, hi-hat, and snares…!

“Bobby’s son Taylor McFerrin teaches beatboxing in Beat Rockers program at local school for the blind”

Article by Daniel Beekman, Video by Rebecca Davis.

Week 4 & 5 Classes: Ableton Live Sessions

Taylor brought some of his toys into the classroom this week, and has been showing the kids how to make music on the fly using an innovative music production program called Ableton Live and a midi keyboard. We passed a mic around the room and the kids recorded some vocal sounds, and then Taylor looped and transformed the recordings into musical elements, creating a totally original track from scratch, live on the spot without skipping a beat. The kids, like us, were amazed at the final results.

Listen to some of the tracks that were made during class: